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Upcoming Workshop on Evaluability Assessment at American Evaluation Association Summer Evaluation Institute

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New Book in the Works! Walser, T. M., & Trevisan, M. S. (under contract). Completing your evaluation dissertation, thesis, or culminating project: Your guide to a successful capstone journey. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Check out my recent publication, “Assessing Transfer and Benefit to Evaluate Course Effectiveness,” in the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching:

It is both important and challenging to assess transfer of skills learned through coursework and related organizational and societal contributions. The author describes an action research study to determine the effectiveness of a doctoral course in program evaluation. Using Kirkpatrick’s (Kirkpatrick & Kirkpatrick, 2006) four-level evaluation framework for evaluating training programs, an extended framework by Kaufman, Keller, and Watkins (1995), and adaptations suggested by Praslova (2010), five levels of outcomes were addressed: reaction, learning, transfer, organizational benefit, and societal contributions. Findings evidence positive reactions, learning, transfer, and organizational benefit. Additionally, the study provides implications for others engaged in higher education assessment and evaluation at the course, program, and unit levels.